Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kryptonite Needles

I have great doctors.
I really do.
But I hate going to see most of them. Not that a lot of people take immense pleasure in going to see a doctor, but you know what I mean.
It's just that I hate needles.


Well, I went to the doctor yesterday. They gave me a flu shot.
I had a bad reaction. Got up to leave, made it to the waiting room, and then had to be taken back to the exam room. Still feel horrible. Lucky for my friends and housemates at school though, I won't give you the flu. Unless it mutates and becomes some super-flu thing. Let's hope not.

Then I needed to get my blood taken for some tests.
Standard CBC blood panel.
Bad experience.

If you get queasy easily, stop reading.

I told them I have a bad reaction to getting blood taken (you'd think I'd be used to it by now), so they took me to a back room where I could lay down. The lady, nice gal really, tourniquets off one arm, says she can't find anything. Makes me get up, turn around, tourniquets off the other arm. Mutters a bit. Thinks she might have one.
Sticks me...misses.
I ask her if she got it, knowing she didn't. She says no. Ow! Alright then. Now I have to get up again, turn around, and she goes back to the other arm. Murmurs something, prods a bit. Then she says she's going to have to call someone else in. New lady comes in, they mutter to each other.
I'd tell you what they said, except this whole time I'm been trying to keep myself from hyperventilating and convulsing, so I have no idea. So, the new lady says she thinks she has one. Tells me not to move. I don't.
She sticks me...misses again.
I again asked her if she got it. She says nothing. Then, oh how I hate it when they do this, she goes fishing around for the vein. Hurts like nobody's business! Gets it, asks me if I'm okay. I'm trying to resist the urge to say some rather colorful expletives. I manage to tell her to get the needle out of me. They explained to me that my veins roll.
She stuck me but the needle rolled the vein. So now I have been poked with a needle three times when I had only prepared myself for once.

The rest of that day and for a bit of today I have been walking around with arms bent at the elbows. Very T-Rex like. Just don't ask me to lift anything heavy, okay?

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