Saturday, December 13, 2008

Penguins Eat Snowflakes

What to expect from this blog:

Rants. About anything and everything.
Rambles. Slightly less opinionated than rants.
Readings. Thoughts on what I have read recently.
Writings. Excerpts of some of my writings. Maybe some full pieces. Perhaps a character sketch, flash fiction, or something I wrote in an attempt to overcome writer's block.
Recommendations. Things that I think you might like. Sometimes just things that I like. Things I find interesting or important.
Randoms. A variety of other things.

Truth be told, this is mostly just a device to get me to write more often.
About anything.
You, dear reader, are just an unfortunate victim of mine.
My condolences.

Also, the title of this blog is courtesy of a friend of mine. She was kind enough to shout out this suggestion from across the hall when I desperately needed something--anything, to use as a title for one of my stories. That story has now been renamed, but Penguins Eat Snowflakes shall live on!

So, just who am I?

I'm a creative writing student. A total nerd. Bibliophile. Odd. An anomaly--which I realize is something of an inside joke. My life is, and always has been, insane but I don't mind it too much. I keep a humorous outlook on life. I accumulate vast amounts of useless but fascinating knowledge. You don't need to know anything more. In fact, you didn't need to know what I told you, but I was feeling all generous and such, so there you go.


Oh yes, and just a by the by, since I have a habit of getting overzealous when I organize things, you may notice numerous links that go here, where I get to elaborate or explain or exercise my compulsion to organize. It's just full of random little bits of information.

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